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Application of Mechatronics Technology on F2601 Rotor Spinning Machine


Electromechanical " target=_blank> Mechatronics Technology in F2601 Rotor Spinning Machine Application Chen Shurong% Yan Bin 8A Article Number 1004―6429(2002)05*Electromechanical" target=_blank>Mechatronics Technology in Today's Manufacturing Industry The application is more and more extensive, and it is no exception in the textile machinery industry. In particular, the upgrading of textile machinery products is playing an important role. The F2601 rotor spinning machine is a new type developed by Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. in 1996. The long-fiber rotor spinning machine absorbs the advantages of the KS-type spinning machine and fills in the tangible assets such as the empty material or financial resources of the domestic spinning rotor spinning machine. In the era of knowledge economy, the sum of intangible assets and intellectual capital constitutes the main part of the enterprise. The focus of competition between enterprises shifts from tangible assets to intangible assets and intellectual capital, which requires redefinition of assets, intangible assets and intellectual capital. As an important asset of the company, it is included in its accounting and reporting. In particular, the human resources in intellectual capital are the fastest-added assets in the enterprise assets, which need to be fully reflected in the enterprise statements, if these assets are in the company's balance sheet. In addition, there will be large software companies like Microsoft, whose company's stock value is worth tens of billions of dollars, and the net asset value on its balance sheet looks like a small company.
IV. Inadequate Adaptation of Asset Pricing Principles and Its Development Trends Traditional financial capital preservation and physical capital preservation are based on tangible assets. According to the historical cost pricing principle, all assets of an enterprise are valued at their actual input value. With the advent of the knowledge economy, knowledge has become a decision. In January 1998, Gaoyou in Jiangsu successfully passed the production appraisal meeting hosted by the former National Textile Association. The machine has its unique creation in the field of spinning pure polypropylene yarn. Therefore, all the machines sold are used to spin pure polypropylene yarn. The application of other fiber materials has yet to be developed and promoted.
Second, the characteristics of the machine electrical machinery "target=_blank> machine electrical circuit by the motor main circuit, control loop, spinning machine breaks the leading factor of the rise and fall of the enterprise, accounting report users are more and more concerned about the intellectual capital of enterprises The content, the accurate measurement and reflection of intellectual capital has become necessary. The characteristics of intellectual capital determine that it does not adapt to the historical cost pricing principle, because tangible assets are oriented to the past, while intellectual capital is future-oriented, according to the knowledge economy Definition, in addition to reflecting the production of intellectual capital, more importantly, it also involves the allocation and use, the input value as the basis of pricing can not meet the needs. The influence of knowledge on the enterprise is determined by its output value. Accurately describing the output value of intellectual capital and human resources is the new requirement of enterprise accounting in the era of knowledge economy, and also the development trend of asset pricing principle. Knowledge capital should be based on its output value, supplemented by A variety of non-monetary information to accurately reflect the strength of a modern enterprise. It is more difficult to perform pricing operations, using the present value theory and many mathematical models, but today, when computers have become popular, these problems are relatively easy to solve.
* Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Yuci Branch, 030601 自 self-stop circuit. Electromagnetic clutch and other parts are combined. Through the control loop, the parts work together to meet the specific requirements of the spinning process. It can be operated automatically by driving, or it can be jogged separately. The control circuit is controlled by PLC or PLC.
PLC hardware distribution diagram The rotor, feeding and yarn-feeding motors of the F2601 rotor spinning machine are all controlled by PLC (see programmable logic controller) and inverter, which realizes stepless speed change and greatly shortens the gear transmission mechanism. The process change is reliable and simple, and the trouble of changing gears is omitted. The wheel of the motor output shaft is equipped with samarium-cobalt permanent magnet, and the speed sensor is used to collect the data, and stored in a single-chip microcomputer and converted into speed, which is displayed on the parameter display device. If it does not conform to the process requirements, the frequency control is adopted until the requirements are met. . If the actual speed has interference error, it can be fed back to the inverter for correction and compensation, thus forming a closed-loop control system (see) is a typical electromechanical "target=_blank> mechatronics technology application on the textile machine The combs are driven by a single spindle and single motor, which avoids mutual interference and influence, and is easy to maintain. Moreover, the other ingots can be normally spun and produced with the exception of the maintenance spindle, which improves the efficiency.
The machine is also equipped with a parameter display instrument for full-length fixed length and three-shift production. The tube forming size is 〖350X155mm, which can be converted into the yarn length input parameter display instrument. When the length of the package winding yarn reaches the preset number, the full tube indicator light on the front electrical box is illuminated, and the operator can perform the doffing. In addition, the digital display can also record the length of each spinning, respectively, to achieve automatic management and production.
On each spinning machine of the standard model (0 spindle), a set of broken head self-stopping device is installed. During the spinning process, after the yarn is broken, the broken head self-stop device acts to release the feeding roller electromagnetic clutch. Feeding the roller immediately stops, the sliver stops feeding, to prevent the fiber from clogging the comb roller and the rotating cup, causing a fire and the broken indicator light on the spinning device is bright, and the operator can quickly find the treatment.
The rotor with the buffered starter transmission rotor has high speed, high transmission power and small cross-sectional area. Therefore, the Y-start line is used electrically to delay the starting process of the rotor motor and prevent the belt from being pulled. Produce plastic deformation and slip wear, extending the life of the belt.
On the panel of the electrical box, there are corresponding buttons for the cup, feed, yarn feeding and middle section power supply, which can be manually started or automatically. If the SSRl-SSR3Q1-Q6 switches are turned on in turn, the automatic switch is activated, the dragon motor runs, and after 10 seconds, the feed and the yarn take-up motor start. After 15 seconds, the spinning process setting speed is entered. All sequential actions are guaranteed by PLC programming. If the air supply switch is pressed according to the joint, the corresponding solenoid valve should have action. After the air solenoid valve is energized, under continuous operation, the power will be automatically cut off after 10 seconds, so the joint process should be completed within 10 seconds. This process is controlled by the AD board to control the opening of the solenoid valve to supply compressed air.
By successfully applying electromechanical "target=_blank> mechatronics technology on the F2601 rotor spinning machine, the machine automation level and spinning efficiency are greatly improved, which not only brings convenience and benefit to the user's use, but also makes the traditional textile machine The upgrade has been upgraded to a grade, which has improved the quality and output of the yarn and expanded the scope of suitable spinning. I believe that the electromechanical "target=_blank> mechatronics technology should be the direction of our further research, it will certainly be the textile machinery of our country. The manufacturing industry has made greater contributions to the gap between the developed countries and the developed countries. Http:// Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center)

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